Professor Karso
Born 2578
Died 2652
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Scientist, Professor
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Kelad Karso (Father)

Eruer Karso (Mother)
Minther Karso (Wife)
Davros Karso (Son)

Professor Karso (Kaled Karso; December 9th 2578 - July 5th 2652) was an Ollieish scientist who discovered Dalekrium, as well as the father of the infamous creator of the Daleks, Davros.

Early Life Edit

Karso was born in Ollieland on the 9th of December 2578. His mother was Eruer Karso, a daughter of the famous inventor Ulysses Vanderdeken. Karso's father was a biologist named Dr. Kelad Karso Sr. Karso had one younger brother, Kelad Karso Jr.

Career Edit

Karso did very well in school. He got a PhD and later became a professor of physics. He was one of Ollieland's most respected and intelligent scientists, being called to The Senate on many occasions. In 2607, he discovered Dalekrium, and became very wealthy.

Marriage and Children Edit

Karso married Minther Nya on the 5th of May 2610. They had one son named Davros in 2613, who would grow up to create the war-mongering Daleks.

Move and Later Life Edit

Karos and his family relocated to The Theoland Galaxy in 2616. Karso retired when he was 63, and lived the rest of his days in luxury before dying on the 5th of July 2652, at the age of 73.

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