Professor Arachni
Professor Arachni
Professor Arachni
Born 43 BBU
Died N/A
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Professor
HomeWorld Legonia
Family Metal Claw (Brother)

Professor Arachni was a villain who used spiders and robots to kill nearly all of the agents.

Early Life Edit

Arachni was born in the city of bricksburg however when he was 5 the nuclear power plant exploded killing everyone in the city however because Arachni was special he was not killed and he went mad. He was able to communicate with spiders and was super smart so could create robots to do his bidding.

Agent 10 Edit

When Arachni was older he went on a rampage killing Agent 10's parents so he vowed to kill arachni. When agent 10 became an agent he was one of the only agents to not be turned into a spiderbot by Arachni.

Leader of Brickonia Edit

at 10 ABU Professor Arachni took over the city and turned the survivors to spiderbots however agent 10 survived and got into the professor ship and blew it up with him inside.

Death? Edit

Arachni was killed in 10 ABU when he was the ruler of Brickonia. However his reign didn't last long as within 6 months agent 10 broke into the ship and after an intense fight the agent shot Arachni in the heart and then blew up the ship killing arachni.

After Fake Death Edit

When his ship blew up he faked his death and went into hiding. He later came out after Galapos was killed and using the Doomsday machine destroyed the planet. However time got changed back for the heroes to right before he used the machine meaning he did not blow the planet up. After emperor Cleaser took control of the planet he had to team up with the heroes to overthrow the tyrant. When the zombie outbreak occurred Arachni along with his last remaining soldiers, a skeletron, spiderbot, micromanager and super battle droid, all fled along with Batman's rival The Penguin.

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