Prince Edward
Born 2550
Died 2627
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Prince of Suryor
HomeWorld Suryor
Family Emperor Harold II (Father)

Empress Madeline (Mother)
Lady Gwenneth (Wife)
Prince Harold (Son)
Prince Peter (Son)
Princess Joan (Daughter)
Prince Henry (Son)

Prince Edward of Suryor (Edward Harold James; June 17th 2550 - July 7th 2627) was a Prince of Suryor, and next-in-line to the throne for his entire life.

Early Life Edit

Edward was born at 5:06 pm on the 17th of June 2550. He was born during the 19th year of the reign of his father, Emperor Harold II, and his mother was Empress Madeline. He later had 4 younger siblings. Edward's paternal grandfather, Emperor Harold I, had died nearly 20 years before Edward's birth, so he was the next-in-line to the throne from birth.

Marriage and Children Edit

Edward married Gwenneth Grey, the daughter of Lord John Grey. They were married on the 17th of August 2578, exactly 2 years before Gwenneth's sister, Marie, married the future King George I of Enkland. Edward and Gwenneth had 4 children - 3 sons and a daughter, between 2580 and 2584.

Later Life and Death Edit

Edward became a grandfather in 2605. His was still alive and going strong, despite reigning for over 70 years. Edward began suffering from seizures during the later years of his life. In early 2627, he caught a fever, and died in July at the age of 77. His father was still alive, and ruled for another 8 years, before finally dying at the age of 107 in 2635.

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