Prince Christopher
Christopher in 2806
Born 2758
Died n/a
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Prince of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King Charles (Father)

Queen Madeline (Mother)
Duchess Catherine (Wife)
Prince Philip (Son)
Prince John (Son)
Prince Geoffrey (Son)

Prince Christopher of Enkland (Christopher Philip Claude; born November 14th 2758) is the oldest child of King Charles of Enkland and Queen Madeline, making him next-in-line to succeed the throne of Enkland from his father upon his death.

Early Life Edit

Christopher was born on the 14th of November 2758, in Enkland. His father was Prince Charles, and his mother was Lady Madeline Ruster. He was born during the reign of his grandfather, King Ewan. He was baptised on February the 15th, and named Philip and Claude after 2 of his great-grandfathers. He was named Christopher after his great-grandfather, King Christopher.

Marriage Edit

Christopher married Catherine Brioche on the 13th of November 2788 - the day before his 30th birthday. They had 3 sons - Prince Philip in 2788, Prince John in 2789 and Prince Geoffrey in 2791. On the 15th of July 2804, Christopher and his wife, Catherine, were on holiday in Mialand, when their car crashed into another car, causing a giant pile-up. Christopher and Catherine were severely injured. Christopher was unconscious for 3 days, and had a broken arm and broken leg. Unfortunately, Catherine was in an unstable condition, and died on the 17th of July, at the age of 42.

Later Life Edit

4 gen 2

Christopher with his father, son and grandson in 2814.

After Catherine's death, Christopher retired from public appearances. Reports came out that he was depressed. After fears that Christopher would become unpopular to the public, King Charles insisted that he move on. Christopher's first grandchild was born in June 2814. Christopher's second grandson is the third-in-line to the throne, Prince William, born 2 months later.

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