Emperor Plo II
Born 2700
Died 2760
Species Moxxian
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of Moxx
HomeWorld Moxx
Family Emperor Plo I (Father)

Empress Aim (Mother)
Empress Po (Wife)
2 Mistresses 7 Children

Emperor Plo II (Plo Shi-Zun; February 4th 2700 - October 4th 2760) was then 2nd Emperor of Moxx, and grandfather of Moxx's current Emperor, Baloo.

Early Life Edit

Plo Shi-Zun was born on the 4th of February 2700 on Moxx, a few years after his father, Plo I, founded The Empire of Moxx. His mother was Empress Aim. Plo was born in the final decade of The Fourth Great War, which had ravaged the galaxy for nearly 30 years at them time of Plo's birth. Plo's father had supported The Empire, and supplied it with troops and weapons until 2712, when Emperor Plo realised that The Empire would lose the war.

Marriage and Children Edit

Plo married Po Shi-Zun, his second-cousin, on the 8th of March 2725, when Plo was 25 and Po was just 16. Plo and Po had 2 sons together:

  • Olpu Shi-Zun (2727 - 2794), who would become Emperor.
  • General Plo Shi-Zun (2730 - 2811) high ranking military officer.

Plo also had at least two mistresses, a woman named Sook and another unknown woman. With these woman, he had five more children:

With Sook Edit

  • Sung Shi-Zun (2733 - 2806)
  • Bo Shi-Zun (born 2735)
  • Pan Shi-Zun (2737 - 2800)

With Unknown Edit

  • Silla Shi-Zun (2744 - ?)
  • Gyeongsun Shi-Zun (2746 - 2799)

Emperor Edit

Plo father died on the 8th of July 2734, and Plo was crowned Emperor of Moxx. Plo came under heavy criticism from The Senate after he invaded and conquered the small, forest moon of ili-Etes, which was the nearest inhabited planet or moon to The Empire of Moxx, in 2745. By conquering ili-Etes, Plo's Empire now spanned an entire Solar System.

Later Life and Death Edit

Similar to his son, Plo also had an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, having four 5-course meals every day, as well as spending little time mobile. All this led to him becoming severely morbidly obese, and he was confined to a chair, as his legs could not support his weight. His legs had to be amputated in 2757, after he tried to stand, and the sheer weight of his body crushed his legs. Plo's health drastically deterioated, and he died on the morning of the 4th of October 2760, exactly 8 months after his 60th birthday.

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