pillowman is the fictional main antagonist of the series of children's books known as The Bed Chronicles

In The Bed ChroniclesEdit

Pillowman was the main antagonist of The bed Chronicles, a series of 7 children's stories published between 2605 and 2650. In the first book, he was only mentioned as an evil man who had died long ago. He made a more significant impact in the second book, which followed the paths he left behind leading to treasure. It is later revealed that instead of treasure, the location is where Pillowman is resurrected. After an emotional final battle, Pillowman is sent fliying into the sea. Pillowman returns in the 4th book, where he attempts to bring his revenge on the main characters. In the final book, he is killed by the One.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Pillowman was created and illustrated by 26th Century Author, Vilnix Sidious. Sidious based Pillowman's actions and personality on his brother, the infamous Sith lord Salazar Sidious.

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