Paulo Ravinski (c.2750 - 29th of June 2811) was a villainous film director, who was arrested multiple times for releasing films containing real human death and suffering.

Paulo Ravinski
Born c.2750
Died 2811
Species Robloxian
Other Info
Occupation Director, Criminal, Villain
HomeWorld Robloxia
Family none


Paulo Ranvinski was born in Eastern Robloxia. Aspiring to be a filmmaker, he initially started out as a snuff film director, capturing actual human suffering, torture and death on his movie camera. His first project was a controversial feature known as "The Widow's Eye". The film shocked so many of his country population that Ranvinski was forced out, which is when he came to Roblox City. Paulo was hired by a film studio to create their ultimate horror movie of all time. Before they allowed production to begin, they requested that Paulo submit a short film detailing his project to preview it for executives. However, when they viewed the graphic short film which contained real torture and death, they claimed Paulo's sick vision was too graphic for movie audiences. They then had the project cancelled for good, and banned Paulo from ever stepping foot into their Studios again. But Paulo did in fact, take up residence in an abandoned backlot set at the park, vowing to get revenge on them one day.

Worthy Villains GroupEdit

To help him achieve his revenge, Paulo joined the group known as The Worthy Villains Group, in 2771. He was an active member of the group, helping in the war aginst R.A.T, as well as helping to overthrown Alptraun.


Paulo died of a heart attack in 2811, at the age of 61.

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