Pallet Town is a small town 3 miles from The Great Capital.

Pallet Town
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Type Town
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Location Theoland, Big T
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Pallet Town has a deep history. One week after it was made a horde of Devil's Sheep attacked leaving only one surviver. The forest behind the town is 70 miles long and is where the devil's sheep come from and is why it get's so many visitors. Emperor Elephantine's great uncle lived in the town so many people fled to the town thinking they would be safe but little did they know Emperor Elephantine hated al his family members and the town was left in ruins.

Professor Samuel Oak's HutEdit

One of the proffesors who worked on studying animals currently lives there. Due to his intelligence he bacame Mayor and turned the town into a wildlife preserve. His hut is on the outskirts of the forest and many animals tend to go there for lunch and to sleep.


Many animals live there. The most common to see are:

  1. Ratoof
  2. Weepies
  3. Ponyzle
  4. Lieowth
  5. Pidglet
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