Olveron Sidious
Olveron Sidious
Born 2456
Died 2537
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Historian
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Lumicus Sidious (Father), Yen Sidious (Wife), Severus Sidious (Son), Keris Sidious (daughter)
Olveron Sidious was a historian in the early 26th century. He is credited for being the grandfather of the infamous Emperor Salazar Sidious.


Olveron was born on Enkland in 2456, the only child of Lumicus Sidious and an unknown woman. Olveron started stdying Enkland's history in the 2480s, and soon became a professional historian on Enkland. He married his wife Yuma in 2484, and had a daughter, Keris Sidious, in 2486. They had a son, Severus Sidious in 2488. Olveron died in 2537, at the age of 81.

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