Emperor Olpu I
Born 2727
Died 2794
Species Moxxian
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of Moxx
HomeWorld Moxx
Family Emperor Plo II (Father)

Empress Po (Mother)
Empress Mime (Wife)
Song Shi-Zun (Secret 2nd Wife)
4 Children

Emperor Olpu I (Olpu Shi-Zun; February 16th 2727 - December 17th 2794) was the third Emperor of Moxx, as well as the father of Moxx's current Emperor, Baloo.

Early Life Edit

Olpu was born on the 16th of February 2727, on Moxx. His father was Plo Shi-Zun, who would later become Emperor, and his mother was Po Shi-Zun. Olpu was born during the reign of his grandfather, Plo I, who had founded The Empire of Moxx in 2697. Olpu was betrothed to Mime Ran-Var, daughter of Lord Orv Ran-Var, in 2740 - when Mime was 1 year old and Olpu was 13.

Next-In-Line Edit

Olpu's grandfather died in 2734, at the age of 64, and Olpu's father was crowned Emperor. Olpu and his family were moved into The Grand Palace, where Olpu lived until he purchased a mansion of his own in 2746.

Marriage Edit

Olpu married Mime, whom he had been betrothed to for nearly 2 decades, on the 1st of February 2757, when Olpu was 30 and Mime was 18. The couple were said to have had a very unhappy marriage. Olpu had many mistresses, and even a secret wife.

Emperor Edit

3 years after Olpu's marriage, his father, The Emperor, died at the age of 60. Olpu was officially crowned Emperor on October 5th 2760. Olpu's first act as Emperor was to banish his 3 uncles, in case the were to try and usurp the throne from him. He contemplated banishing his brother as well, but decided against it.

Children Edit

Olpu's first child was born one year into his reign: his son, heir, and the current Emperor, Baloo. Mime and Olpu had 2 more children:

In the 2770s, Olpu secretly married a woman named Song, who produced him a son named Nam in 2771.

Later Life and Death Edit

Olpu was often criticized by other monarchs for his cruelty, carelessness and complete disregard for his people's lives. He was infamous for his executions, which happened often. in the 2790s, due to his horrendous lifestyle and diet, Olpu became increasingly ill. On the night of December 17th 2794, Olpu was on his deathbed. He requested for his children to come to his bedside, but all 4 refused. Olpu died at 11:58PM on the 17th of December 2794.

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