Ninsonsoft is a video game company based in Theoland. 

The Company Logo

Who created the universe famous character Alfred. They have made over 50 games since the company was founded in 20 BBU. 


Ninsonsoft has produced over 50 games. On their many consoles ES (Entertainment system) EES (Extreme entertainment system) VGC (Video Game Child), ES 180 ( Entertainment system 180) Video Game Cuboid, P.0.0 (Power 0 0) P.0.2 (Power 0 2)

Game Title Products Sold Release Date Console
Horse Gone 2.5 million July 24th 20 BBU Arcade and ES
Horse Gone 2 2.3 million January 15th 19 BBU ES
Amazing Alfred 5 Million June 12th 19 BBU ES
Awesome Amazing Alfred 4.7 million October 23rd 19 BBU EES
Korby 4.3 million December 9th 19 BBU EES
Senic 4.8 Million December 9th 19 BBU EES
Pokemals 5.7 million March 1st 18 BBU VGC
Amazing Alfred 2 5.7 million July 24 18 BBU EES and VGC
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