Mistress UdgeF was a fictional character in the Ollieish movie "The Fudge and Snowflake Movie " and it's prequel. She was played by Fudge

Mistress UdgeF
Movie Info
Character Name Mistress UdgeF
Actor/Actress Fudge
Movie Appearances The Fudge and Snowflake Movie, Darren's Tale
Fictional Info
Born Unknown, around 2700 ABU
Died 2814 ABU
Affiliation The Guinea Pigs, Mia, Darren (Formally)
Status Ascended into heaven: presumed deceased

Events Prior to the prequelEdit

Early LifeEdit

UdgeF was born in the guinea pig colony either at the end of the 2600s or the start of the 2700s. She was good friends with Klanswofe, another guinea pig. She was taught Kung-Fu by her father. When she was young, her friend Klanswofe turned evil and tried to destroy their colony. It was UdgeF that stopped her. 

Discovery of MiaEdit

In the late 2780s, UdgeF discovered a baby human girl, named Mia Miason , outside in the forest. UdgeF took her in and raised her as UdgeF's student and adoptive daughter. Mia then went on a global tour for 2 years.

In Darren's TaleEdit

In the prequel movie, UdgeF is seen briefly taking care of Darren in the early 2780s, but abandons him due to his poor manners and hygenine. UdgeF appears later in the movie and Darrenn angrily demands to knw why she abandoned him. UdgeF then teleports away, knocking Darren into a river. 

In The Fudge and Snowflake MovieEdit

In the first film, UdgeF summons Mia back from her trip as she has an urgent message. She tells Mia that her old enemy, Klanswofe has returned, and Is going to try and destroy the colony once more if mia doesn't stop her. UdgeF appears again when she teleports Mia closer to Klanswofe's castle. Hwoever, thisdrains UdgeF's life force, and she dies peacefully, ascending into heaven. Her spirit is seen when Mia is crowned Queen of the colony whispering "Believe".

Behind the ScenesEdit

UdgeF was portrayed in both films by the guinea pig, Fudge. UdgeF's death scene recieved critical aclaim, and Fudge was nominated for an Oscar, which she won. Fudge said her favourite scene was when she got to eat the carrot.

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