A minifig
Vital statistics
Habitat Citys of Legonia
Diet Chicken Leg Brick
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 2.5cm
Weight 20 grams
Notable features claw hands
Minifigs are the species who live on the planet Legonia in the Theoland Galaxy.

Legonia Edit

In 2000 BBU a minifig settler ship from the Leg-o Galaxy entered a wormhole which transported them to the Theoland Galaxy. Their ship crashed on a moon of Cityville. They then used the wreckage of their ship to build the first city, Brickonia. Over time, more minifigs arrived and built more citys. Due to their size Legonia is the same size as Theoland to them yet to humans is only the size of Bebe Land.

Invasion of Battle Droids Edit

In 3 BBU battle droids arrived on the moon and started destroying cities. However due to the sheer number of minifigs and jedi minifigs they overpowered the droids and won the battle.

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