Mortimer Edmund "Me" Caterpillar (born November 11th 934) is a musician, Authour and Artist currently residing in The Valley.

Mortimer Edmund Caterpillar
Born 934
Died n/a
Species Caterpillar
Other Info
Occupation Authour (Retired)


HomeWorld VLand
Family John Caterpillar (Father)

Ann Caterpillar (Mother) The Koala Family (Adopted Descendants) 2 Siblings

Early LifeEdit

Mortimer was born in 934, the first child of John Caterpillar (910 - 989) and Ann Caterpillar nee Crochets (912 - 986). Mortimer has two siblings, Jane and Jeremy. Mortimer was born in his family home in The Valley.


Mortimer studied at The Vulliversity, where he studied language and art. He then became a self employed writer and artist, where he became quite successful and wealthy.

Personal LifeEdit

Mortimer adopted an orphaned Koala in 971. Mortimer later discovered another young Koala nearby, and adopted her too. The two Koala's grew up, under Mortimer's care, and later had 4 baby Koalas together. The Koala family moved away from The Valley in 980. Me fought in The 1st War of The Valley and in The 2nd War of The Valley .



On his mother's side, Mortimer is descended from The Lords and Lady Crochets, also known as The Dukes of The Valley (Me's great-great-grandfather was John Crochets, 7th Duke of The Valley .) Me is also decended from the Lords and Ladies of Aposematic, and The Counts of The Volli on his mothers side. Me's earliest known ancestor was John Crochets, King of The Valley , who founded The Valley in 366.


On his father's side, Me is descended from honourable farmers who laboured in The Valley for many generations. Me's second cousin Once Removed on his father's side is the famous actress Marion Qeik .

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