Master Thomas McGregor
Master Thomas Mcgregor
Thomas McGregor
Born 23 BBU
Died N/A
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Jedi Master
HomeWorld Theoland
Family Unknown

Thomas McGregor is a jedi master and is ranked #5 on best jedi in The Theoland Galaxy.

Early LifeEdit

Thomas was born in 23 BBU in the town 20 miles north of the great capital. He was born into a poor family who lived on a farm. When he was 4 their house set fire killing his dad and brother. At the age of 12 Thomas and his mum moved to the capital. This is where he was spotted by King Theo. Thomas became Theo's padawan and at age 18 he became a jedi knight.

Jedi TrainingEdit

When he became a jedi knight Thomas was attacked by the bounty hunter Boba Nett. Thomas was wounded and couldn't train for months. At the age of 30 Thomas became a jedi master and got his own padawan. He trained with his padawan everyday for 2 years.


In 9 ABU Thomas and his padawan were on a mission to frostetle as some battle droids had been spotted. However while they were there, they were attacked by a Mantis King. Thomas barely survived but his padawan was not so lucky. His padawan was burried in the Jedi Mausoleum, where all jedi and padawan are burried when they die.

Second PadawanEdit

Later in 9 ABU Thomas got a new padawan called Jake Pooler. However just before the War of the Galaxy broke out Jake joined the dark side and tried to kill Thomas, under orders from his new master, Emperor Elephantine. Thomas joined the gunslinger Tan Polo and Chewing so they can build up an army of jedi to defeat their new enemy, Darth Zazer.

War of the GalaxyEdit

In 11 ABU the war of the galaxy began. Thomas was on Cityville when it started and was told by Theo to rescue the senator and build an army of jedi. Thomas and his new colleages barely made it away from the planet as Cityville, along with other largely populated planets like Hoenneon. Thomas' ex-padawan Jake's hand got cut off as well as both legs so he was upgraded into a new metal suit. Thomas has so farbuilt an army of 13 people including 4 jedi, R2-D2 who was thought to be lost, Tan and Chewwing, Senator Pae, George and general anesthetic.

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