MasterOfAllEvil (born 3rd of October 2740) is the leader of E.V.I.L Inc., and former member of The Worthy Villains Group.

Born 2730
Died n/a
Species Robot
Other Info
Occupation Villain, Criminal
HomeWorld Robloxia
Family none


MasterOfAllEvil was made in a lab by an evil scientist. He made many creations, including MasterOfAllEvil. In 2740, the scientist died in a explosion. The lab was obliterated. Most of the creations died but him, but MasterOfAllEvil survived. After the explosion he lived on the streets. That is where he did his first crimes. Although they were petty he got a job to plan a robbery of a huge jem worth 10 million. It was good. Him and his group split it one million a piece, but after that his fellow villains got greedy. They attacked one another. The whole squad got greedy but him. Two fellow villains attacked him so he zapped them trapped them in a underground lair that is now long for gotten. He than went back to the lab found some of his masters old books. He found some books about him. He found his masters plans for him. His master wanted him to become the master of all evil. After he found a group of worthy villians, he joined it.

E.V.I.L Inc.Edit

After the destruction of The Worthy Villains Group, MasterOfAllEvil was among the villains who helped to overthrow Evilmasterroblox's replacement, Alptraun. He then left WVG, and founded E.V.I.L Inc. E.V.I.L Inc has now grown into the biggest criminal organisation in Robloxia, smaller only than the original Worthy Villains Group.

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