Marvin Cobb was an Ollieish actor.

Marvin Cobb
Born 2686 ABU
Died 2764 ABU
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Actor
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Charles Cobb (Father), Mary Cobb (Mother), Sophie Cobb (Wife), John Cobb (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Marvin Cobb was the only son of Charles and Mary Cobb. He was born in 2686 in Ollieland.

Personal LifeEdit

Cobb married Sophie Marlon in 2710, and had their only child, John Cobb, in 2715.


Year Film Role Other notes
2700 Well what is this Johnny
2719 well what is this 2 Johnny
2735 Well What is This 3 Johnny Best Supporting Actor
2760 Doctor Who (TV) Professor Trams
2745 Milattack General Etah Villain of the Decade award
2751 The Ride of Your Life Old Man Joe Best Supporting Actor
2814 200 Years of Film Johnny and General Etah (Recorded Holocroms)
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