illvilliga Vile (Also Known As; Lord Vale I, Lord illvilliga I) was The Dark Lord of The SIth from 2331 until his death 2381.

illvilliga Vile
Illvilliga Vale
Born 2311
Died 2381
Species Kalnis
Other Info
Occupation Dark Lord of The Sith
HomeWorld Kaln
Family Lord Vile (Son), Lord illvilliga (Grandson), Lord Ikorira (Adoptive great-grandson)

Early LifeEdit

illvilliga Vile was born on Kaln, to unloving parents. At the age of 5, The Dark Lord of The Sith, Lord Ventord, discovered him. Ventord took Vile to a secret sith base located on Kaln. This is where illvilliga lived for the rest of his life.


Ventord spent 7 years getting Vile to understand and control the force. Vile's true training began when he was 13. illvilliga was one of the quickest learning Sith Apprentices of all time: he was trained into a Sith Lord in just 2 years. He then spent the next 5 years helping his master train other apprentices.

Assassinating The JediEdit

In 2328, Vile was hired by a bounty hunter to help assassinate 3 Jedi. Vile went to the bounty hunter's base on the asteroid "Mon Stur", where they planned to strike The Jedi Temple. Vile and the bounty hunter travelled to Ollieland with one of Ventord's apprentices, Lord Keelluh. After managing to stealthily kill 2 of the jedi, the 3rd one saw them and attacked. Keeluh was killed, but Vile managed to kill the jedi. He asked the bounty hunter for the money, who said he could pay in a week (The bounty hunter didn't pay until 2365, when Vile sent his son to collect it, resulting in the bounty hunter's death and the destruction of Mon Stur.)

Dark Lord of The SithEdit

In 2331, Lord Ventord died of old age. Vile then became The Dark Lord of The Sith, and decided to found a dynasty of sith lords. 9 years later, he had a son, Lord Vile, who he trained until 2381. illvilliga died in 2381. In honor of him, when illvilliga's grandson, Lix Vile , had to choose a new sith name (so as not to confuse him with his father), he chose the name "Lord illvilliga". 

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