Lord illvilliga was The dark Lord of The Sith from 2419 until his death in 2441.

Lord illvilliga
Born 2369
Died 2441
Species Kalnis
Other Info
Occupation Dark Lord of The Sith
HomeWorld Kaln
Family illvilliga Vile (grandfather), Lord Vile (Father), Lord Ikorira (Adoptive Son)

Early LifeEdit

Lix Vile was the son of Lord Vile , The Dark Lord of The Sith at the time of illvilliga's birth. illvilliga was trained by his father from the ages of 2 until his father's death in 2419, when illvilliga was 50. To distinguish himself from his father, he changed his name from Lord Vile, to Lord illvilliga, a tribute to his grandfather, illvilliga Vile.


Lord illvilliga had one apprentice, who would succeed him as The dark Lord of The Sith. His apprentice was called Lord Ikorira, and illvilliga adopted him as an infant.


When on a mission, a powerful explosive was accidentally set off. The resulting blast ripped through the nearby town, and devastated 20 km of land. illvilliga was one of the 10,000 people who were killed that day. After he was killed, Lord Ikorira became the dark lord of the sith.

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