Lord Vile
Lord Vale
Born 2340
Died 2419
Species Kalnis
Other Info
Occupation Dark Lord of The Sith
HomeWorld Kaln
Family illvilliga Vile (Father), Lord illvilliga (Son), Lord ikorira (Adoptive Grandson)
Lord Vile was the dark Lord of the Sith from 2381 until his death in 2419.

Early LifeEdit

Lord Vile was born in The Sith Colony on kaln. His father was The Dark Lord of the SIth, illvilliga Vile. His father trained Vile in the ways of the dark side from the ages of two, right up until illvilliga's death in 2322. Lord Vile had a son, Lix Vile, who grew up to be Lord illvilliga .

Mission to Mon SturEdit

In 2365, Vile was sent on a mission by his father to collect money off a bounty hunter, who was hiding in an asteroid base known as Mon Stur. When the bounty hunter refused to pay up, Vile killed him and blew up the entire of Mon Stur.


Lord Vile only trained his son as an apprentice. Vile lived until the age of 79, where he was killed by a Jedi. His son went on to become The Dark Lord of The Sith.

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