Lord Spike was a murderous sith lord, and the second apprentice of The Emperor .

Lord Spike
Born 2610
Died 2648
Species Sprik
Other Info
Occupation Sith Lord
HomeWorld Sprikosia
Family Struk Spike (Father)

Early LifeEdit

All that is known about Spike's early life is that he was the only son of Struk Spike, and was born around 2610. In 2625, he and his friend Lord Ghast began secretly training under the guidence of The Emperor. After 10 years, they had become bloodthisty sith lords.


In 2637, Spike began traaining two apprentices: Lord Krorve and Lord Konzerne . Spike trained them until 2642, afterwhich the two apprentices became Sith lords, and began traing an apprentice each themselves. Spike began training a third apprentice in 2645 named Horatio Hark.

The Battle of GenosiaEdit

In 2648, the infamous Battle of Geonosia took place. Spike was present in the battle, as well as his friend Lord Ghast, and his 3 apprentices. 13 minutes into the battle, Spike's current apprentice, Horatio Hark, was killed by a Jedi. Spike's former apprentice, Lord Krorve, was killed a few minutes later by the same jedi. An hour into the battle, Spike lunged at a Jedi named Master Fur, and the two dueled for 3 minutes. Their fight ended when Spike sliced in half by the Jedi, killing him. Lord Ghast was also killed only 18 seconds later.

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