Lord Harvey Snarel
Lord Snarel
Lord Snarel
Born 180 BBU
Died 32 BBU
Species Snlug
Other Info
Occupation Sith
HomeWorld Slimuth
Family Glimber (father)

Lord Snarel was the twelfth apprentice of Emperor Elephantine.

Early Life Edit

Harvey was born in 180 BBU. Like all other Snlugs he had to either kill his father or be killed. He was noticed by Elephantine in 150 BBU. In 155 BBU he became a skilled sith. He was the twelfth sith apprentice in the Theoland Galaxy. His first mission was to kill President Jogg of Cityville.

Missions Edit

In 70 BBU he was hired to kill the tyrant King Kong of the Monkeys. Despite Kong working for the sith he failed his task and was killed. Snlugs can live for 200 years. In 34 BBU he was assigned to kill King Theo but was captured by Theo's guards. He was jailed and sentenced for execution but broke free.

Death Edit

Harvey Snarel was killed in 32 BBU in the battle of Desert Hills. He was sent to the battle along with the monkey troops. He was killed by the jedi Hammy.

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