Lord Ivan Vampire
Ivan in 2766
Born 2710
Died 2787
Species Vampire
Other Info
Occupation Ruler of Vamparia
HomeWorld Vamparia
Family Lord Vladmir II (Father)

Lady Ermentude (Mother)

Lady Eleanor (Wife)
Lord Mortimer (Son)
2 Brothers

Lord Ivan Vampire (Ivan Victor Milton; January 20th 2710 - January 19th 2787) was the ruler of Vamparia, and lord of the Vampires from his father's death in 2780, until his own just 7 years later. He was the father of the current "Lord Vampire", Mortimer.

Early Life Edit

Ivan Vampire was born on the 20th of January 2710 - the eldest of 3 sons. His father was the infamous Lord Vladmir II, and his mother was Vladmir's wife, Ermentude Rolux. Ivan was the first grandson (but second grandchild) of Lord Marcus Vampire, who had been murdered 3 years before Ivan's birth.

Marriage and Children Edit


Ivan's wedding (Left to Right - Lord Vladmir, Lady Ermentude, Lord Ivan, Lady Eleanor, Baroness Jane, Baron Eustace)

Ivan's father had Ivan betrothed to Eleanor Gustav in 2715. Eleanor was the daughter of Baron Eustace of The High-Lands. When Ivan's father returned to organize the marriage 20 years later, he discovered that Eustace had forgotten about the betrothal and already promised his nephew that he would wed Eleanor. Eustace declared that the two potential son-in-laws should fight to the death to see who will marry Eleanor. Ivan won the fight after the cousin accidentally threw himself into a gorge. Ivan and Eleanor finally got married on March the 17th 2738. They had one child - a son named Mortimer - in November 2740.

Reign Edit

Ivan was finally crowned in 2780, when his father died at the age of 101. Ivan was 70 years old. Ivan had a short reign. In 2785, his health began severely deteriorating, and he died the day before his 77th birthday on the 29th of January 2787.

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