Lord Ikorira was a Dark Lord of the Sith during the 25th Century

Lord Ikorira
Lord Ikorira.png
Born 2395
Died 2482
Species Skorpan
Other Info
Occupation Dark Lord of The Sith
HomeWorld Skorpa
Family none


Lord Ikorira was put up for adoption not long after his birth. He was extremely force sensative, and alreted the current Dark Lord of The Sith of his presence as soon as he was born. Lord illvilliga came to the adoption aency, and took Ikorira back to the Sith Castle. illvilliga raised Ikorira, and taught him the ways of the dark side of the force. In 2441, illvilliga was killed by a gas explosion, which devestated 20 km of land. Ikorira then became The Dark Lord of The Sith. In the 2470s, Ikorira discovered a young Zorb named Damask . Ikorira accepted Damask as his apprentice, and trained with him for 10 years, until Ikorira was killed by a Jedi.

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