Lord Giddus was a sith lord who was trained by The Emperor.

Lord Giddus
Born 2599
Died 2663
Species Trizoid
Other Info
Occupation Sith Lord
HomeWorld Tritopia
Family none

Early LifeEdit

Giddus was born in Tritopia in the late 26th century. He was abandoned as an infant by his parents, and left to fend for himself for his whole childhood. When he was 30, The Emperor secretly began training him to be a sith. Giddus was a quick learner, and had successfully become a sith lord after just 1 year.


Giddus trained 7 apprentices in his life:

The Battle of GenosiaEdit

Lord Giddus, as well as 5 of his apprentices, were present at The Battle of Genosia. The 5 apprentices were killed, but Giddus survived. He thought that The Emperor had been killed, and that he was the last sith alive. He decided to go into hiding, and he did.


Giddus went into hiding for 15 years. When he returned in 2663, he attacked The Jedi Temple, and managed to kill two Jedi. He was soon gunned down and killed by the various guards, and his body was thrown into The E.K.Z.E.V where it was destroyed.

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