Lord Damask
Lord Damask
Born circa. 2461
Died 2558
Species Zorb
Other Info
Occupation Dark Lord of The Sith
HomeWorld Zorbus
Family none
Lord Damask was a Zorbian Dark Lord of The Sith in the 26th Century.


Lord Damask was born in the late 25th Century to unknown parents. His real name was зло-грех блинмаска. His last name in english was Damask, but his first name cannot be translated into English. At the age of 11, he was greeted by the then Dark Lord of The Sith, Lord Ikorira . Ikorira showed Damask the power of The Dark Side, and Damask used it to murder his parents. Damask trained with Ikorira for 10 years, until Ikorira was killed by a Jedi. Damask then became the Dark Lord of The sith. 52 years later, he discovered a young human, whose strength in The Force was unlike anything damask had every seen. That human was Emperor Salazar Sidious, who then became Damask's apprentice.


Damask and Sidious trained together for 25 years, until Damask had forseen his death at the hands of Sidious. Damask secretly trained another apprentice for a year, in the hopes that the apprentice would kill Sidious. Sidious kiilled the apprentice, and then killed damask. Sidious burst through the door in a ball of lightning, sending damask firing throught a wall. The dieing damask was then sliced across the torso by Sidious, who then became the dark Lord of The Sith.

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