Dark-Master Lord Bormov Sith (c. 286 - ???) was the first Dark Lord of The Sith, discoverer of The Dark Side of The Force and founder of The Sith Order. He is recognised as everything bad and evil in mortal form. He is considered possibley the most evil being of all time.

Lord Bormov Sith
Born 286
Died Unknown
Species Human (Formerly), Sith Being
Other Info
Occupation Founder of The Sith, First Dark Lord of The Sith
HomeWorld Unknown, possibly Darkland
Family none

Early LifeEdit

Bormov Sith was the only child of two weak-minded parents. he was born around the year 286, on an unknown planet in The Ollieland Galaxy, though it is most likely to have been an ancient version of DarkLand. once Bormov realised his parents could teach him no more, he murdered them and left home. His mother was pregnant with his baby brother at the time of her death.

Life as a JediEdit

Bormov joined the jedi, as he knew they would teach him how to control his power. He was apprenticed to Master Humphrey Dump, and ancient jedi master who had fought in The Great Killer-Crator War. Bormov soon realised that he couldn't expand his power here, so he murdered his master and founded The Order of Dark Jedi. He later renamed it The Sith Order.


Bormov began training apprentices from 316 all the way up to 970. He would use his extreme power in the force to merge the atoms in the air into specific patterns and create life in the form of young, force-sensative humans. One of these humans, born around the year 500, was an ancient ancestor of both The Emperor and Lord Konzerne.


Bormov Sith - around 415 ABU


Bormov learned more about the force than any other being in history. He was the first to learn how to prolong life, and used this to live for thousands of years. He could manipulate atoms to create anything, or destroy it. He once separated every atom in an apprentice's body, turing him to millions of air particles, for not paying attention.  Bormov trained a total of 684 known apprentices.


In the year 2250, Bormov vanished, without a trace. He was never seen again, and it is currently unknown what became of him. legend says the after the death of Lord Damask , Bormov emerged and continued training The Emperor.

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