Faith Mason
Born 285
Died 370
Species Minifig
Other Info
Occupation Leader of the Revolution, Senator
HomeWorld LegoLand
Family Duncan "Peg-Leg" Ohamton (Father)

Sophia Ohamton (Mother)

Mark Ohamton (Brother)
Alec Mason (Husband)
4 Children

Faith Mason (Faith Sophia Ohamton; December 2nd 285 - June 5th 370) was the leader of The Revolution in Pontandia, as well as the daughter of the legendary Duncan Ohamton.

Early Life Edit

Faith Ohamton was born on the 2nd of December 285. She was the first child of the famous Duncan Ohamton, and his wife, Sophia Ohamton - who was the daughter of the first prime minister of the senate, Thomas Palap. A year after she was born, her brother, Mark, was born.

The Revolution Edit

When Faith left school, she traveled to Pontandia. It was there that she discovered that the country was under mass surveillance, from a supremely corrupt government - dictated by the mad scientist Dr. Inferno. She meets a man named Alec Mason, who she later discovered was a member of a revolution group, who were trying to topple the government. Faith decided to join the revolution in 310, following in the footsteps of her father, who overthrew the corrupt governments in LegoCity during the 270s. For the first time since the revolution started - thanks to Faith - they began pushing the government forces back. In 312, the government decided to pack up into an all powerful space station - piloted and controlled by their dictator, Dr. Inferno, so they could bomb Pontandia into submission. Before this could happen, however, members of the revolution including Faith and Alec board the SS Hydra, and defeat Inferno. Inferno then went insane with anger, and set off the self destruct in the ship. The members of the revolution managed to escape the star-ship, just before it exploded, killing all on board - including Inferno. Soon after, Pontandia - similar to LegoLand - set up a senate as it's new government.

Settling Down Edit

A week after the end of the civil war, Alec proposed to Faith. The got married on January the 1st 313. Over the next 3 years, they had four children:

  • Daniel Mason (born 313)
  • Alfie Mason (born 314)
  • Jennifer Mason (born 315)
  • Charles Mason (born 316)

The Senate Edit

After the founding of The Senate, Faith became a senator - helping to manage the entire Senate, and advising the prime Minister.

Later Life Edit

Alec died at the age of 60 in 345, leaving Faith alone. Faith lived alone until she turned 80, at which point her family moved her into a nursing home due to her failing health. Despite going mostly senile at 81, she lived for 4 more years - dying just under 6 months before her 85th birthday, on the 5th of June 370. She is survived by her 4 children, 4 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild.

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