Labungatun with his lightsabre
Born 4752 BBU
Died 4710 BBU
Species Wookie
Other Info
Occupation Jedi
HomeWorld Theoland
Family Unknown
Labungatun was a jedi knight who sacrificed himself to save King Theo.

Early Life Edit

Labungatun was born in the wookie village of Nasoom, when he was fifteen he and his family moved to The Big T. He was fascinated with the Jedi order and always wanted to join. He was found by the Jedi Council when they sent a jedi knight to a school. The jedi saw Labungatun and how he would make a good jedi. Two weeks later King Theo visited his home and asked if Labungatun would like to be his new padawan and Labungatun said yes.

Jedi Edit

He became a jedi knight in 4719 BBU. He was a skillful jedi and the strongest. He often fought battles in The Forest Island as that is where most wookies come from and is where the rest of his family were. He had a green lightsabre which after Labungatun's death was given to Theo's son Bebe.

Death Edit

Labungatun fought in the Second Great War of Theoland against Barry the Blowing Stuff Up. Labung destoyed the mothership of Barry. But Barry escaped and attacked Theo. Labungatun had dropped his lightsabre when chasing Barry. Barry was about to kill Theo, who had dropped his lightsabre. But Labung jumped in front of Barry. Barry sliced Labung in two but dropped his lightsabre. This gave Theo enought time to get his and killed Barry.

Remembrance Edit

Because Labung sacrificed himself to protect Theo, Theo gave Labung's lightsabre to Bebe. Labung was Theo's third Padawan and his favourite. Labung was buried in his village on The Forest Island where a monument of him stands.

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