The Kung-Fu Club is an ancient organisation, focused on the spread and teaching of "Kung-Fu".

Early History Edit

The Kung-Fu Club was founded in 2601, in The Ollieland Galaxy, by Oogyboogie, the first master of Kung-Fu and the original Dragon Warrior. After the club was attacked by angry protesters, Oogyboogie moved the club to Theoland. He arrived on the moon, now known as SandyLand, and, thinking it to be Theoland, built the Great Dojo on it. He soon began attracting apprentices from far and wide, spreading the influence of Kung-Fu throughout The Theoland Galaxy.

Modern History Edit

The Golden Age Edit

In 2772 (OT), Archibald Burdar travelled from Ollieland to The Great Dojo. He had previously fought in The Fourth Great War of Ollieland, and had achieved the rank of "Colonel". Many years later, after decades of being alone, member's of The Master Finger's royal family decided to become apprentices to Burdar. They included Sandy and Diego, as well as their friend Kung-Fu-Mouse. They were later joined by Po.

The Martial Wars Edit

In the early 2810s (OT), the Kung-Fu club came under attack from The Ti-Quondo Club. After 3 years of war, the Ti-Quondo Club was defeated, but at a cost. Burdar was killed, and this resulted in Sandy becoming then new leader of the club, and fullfilling his destiny as The Dragon Warrior. Po, who believed he was the dragon warrior, fought against Sandy, Diego and kung-Fu-Mouse. After Po was killed, Sandy gave the leadership of the club to Kung-Fu-Mouse, after Sandy and Diego became masters and left. Now, Kung-Fu-Mouse is the only one that ever enters The Great Dojo - the only one that keeps the ancient traditions of Kung-Fu alive...

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