A Kronasodon compared to a human
Vital statistics
Habitat Oceans of Frostetle
Diet Any large animal
Status Most dangerous animal in the Theoland Galaxy
Physical attributes
Height 8 meters
Weight 200,000 kg
Notable features Blue, largest animal, sharp teeth, fins,

Kronasodons are the 3rd biggest carnivores in the Theoland Galaxy and the biggest on Frostetle.

Biology Edit

Kronasodons are the largest carnivores in the Theoland Galaxy. The only marine animal that is bigger is the Froegal Wholfiyn, another carnivorous sea animal. Kronosaurs live in the sea but can jump 4 meters out to catch flying animals and land animals. They teeth are the same size as an average human. Their eyes can not only see in normal vision but also in infra red so they can still hunt in the pitch black waters 100 meters from the surface.

Strategies Edit

Kronasodons only hunt large animals so they often fight back. In order to stop being damaged in hunts Kronasodons swim up from underneath the animals and bite rip them in two. In the deep waters they hunt Giant Octouids which sense the Kronasodons so they camouflage. However because the Kronasodon can see in infra red they still can see the Giant Octouids. The only animals that have successfully killed Kronasodons are Caryanontafors, the biggest land carnivore on Frosetle.

Incidents Edit

in 20 BBU two poachers stole a baby Kronasodon. They sold it to a zoo without sayingthey stole it. It behaved well and grew up to full size in 5 ABU. Later in 5 ABU the poachers returned to collect their money but the Kronasdon recognized the two poachers and eat them. When their was a battle against the battle droids on Frostetle one Theoish transport ship was destroyed by a Kronasdon who thought it was some prey. Only two men survived by hiding in their quarters which didn't get full of water. All the other soldiers were killed by Kronasdon children or other carnivorous sea creatures.

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