King William IV
Born 2427
Died 2514
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King Henry VI (Father)

Queen Mary (Mother)
Queen Anne (Wife)
4 Children

King William IV of Enkland (William Henry Roger; August 21st 2427 - August 25th 2514) was the King of Enkland from 2474 until his death 4 decades later.

Early Life Edit

William was born on the 21st of August 2427, during the reign of his grandfather, King Henry V. William's parents were Prince Henry, heir to the throne of Enkland, and Henry's wife Lady Mary. Henry had 3 younger siblings. When William was 12, he got betrothed to his cousin, Anne. William's grandfather die din 2442, and William's father was crowned King Henry VI.

Marriage and Children Edit

William married Anne on the 20th of June 2454. They had 4 children:

  • Princess Sophia of Enkland (2455 - 2520)
  • Princess Mary of Enkland (2457 - 2546)
  • Prince William of Enkland (2459 - 2526)
  • Princess Amelia of Enkland (2461 - 2558)

Reign Edit

William's father died on the 8th of March 2474, and William was crowned King of Enkland. William was not a particularly popular King, mostly due to his cruel nature towards other people. He cared little about current world affairs, and spent most of his reign rambling about his palace.

Death Edit

William died 40 years later on the 25th of August 2514 - 4 days after his 87th birthday. His son, William, succeeded him as King William V of Enkland. Through William, he is an ancestor of many royal families today, including the current King of Enkland, Charles.

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