King Theo
Updated Theo
King Theo as of 11 ABU
Born 1,997,292,929 AN
Died N/A
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King
HomeWorld Theoland
Family Bebe (Son)

Elefun (Son) Ewok (Son) Sandy (Son)

Theo is the King of the Theoland Galaxy and created the galaxy.


Theo created the galaxy and created Theoland. When The galaxy was still forming he created a helper a super smart goldfish called Fish which helped create everything. He created his first son at 5 BBU called Bebe, his second called Elefun at 3 BBU, his third called Ewok at 2 BBU and found a ill mew which he turned into his fourth and final son called Sandy. Fish then left Theoland to study in Ollieland with Mousey and came back years later to help look after Sandy. In 400 BBU Theo created the Monarchy. All planets ruled by Theoland are in this. The jedi are also part of the monarchy.


Theo lives in Theoland in the great capital in his palace north of the city. However he did use to live in a castle just outside the city but it was destroyed by Elephantine.


Theo founded the jedi in the Theoland Galaxy and let his son Bebe become a jedi. Theo is the best jedi in the galaxy and is master to many jedi masters. He also accidently founded the sith in Theoland after telling his fellow jedi master Elephantine about the sith in in Ollieland and giving Elephantine a sith lightsaber.


Theo has many enemies that try to kill him to gain control of the galaxy. His arch enemy is Emperor Elephantine leader of the battle droids, monkey troops and The Imperials. He is also at war with the daleks and Davros. He fought in The First Great War of Theoland against the element trio as well as all the other great wars of Theoland.

Public Appearances Edit

Theo has appeared in public many times along with his sons. He often takes photos and signs autographs if people want.

Cameo's in Movies/Tv Edit

King Theo Update

King Theo in 10 ABU

Theo has made cameo appearance's in many Theoish Movies and TV shows.

Name Movie/TV Show Role
Life in Theoland Movie Himself
Doctor Who TV Show Himself
March of the Herd Movie Dying Uncle Thomas
Ruler of Worlds Movie Technician #2
Making of March of the Herd TV Special Himself/Uncle Thomas
Xenomon Chronicles TV Show Bulbasaur warrior

Appearance Edit

When in public Theo often wears his tuxedo, top hat and holds The Staff of Theoland Agni (as of 11 ABU). He has brown hair and pale skin. In 10 ABU he had glasses but didn't wear them much. However in 11 ABU he started wearing his glasses full time. When he is at home he just wears casual clothes.

The Staff of Theoland Edit

The Staff of Theoland holds the power to destroy planets. It is made of Kyrptonium, the rarest metal in the Theoland Galaxy, it holds immense power and many villains want to take control of it. His first Staff of Theoland was destroyed in 11 ABU when it was mysteriously stolen. It was later found but was badly damaged and most of it's powers had been removed. It was later remade by the blacksmith, Odirk, and it's filled with power. The new Staff of Theoland is called The Staff of Theoland Agni.

The War of the Galaxy Edit

In 11 ABU Elephantine gained the trust of the Jedi Master Thomas McGregor's padawan. He then used his new apprentice to take control of the second most populated planet in the galaxy, Cityville, and start the Imperials. They then took over the most populated planets and all armies on each planet would join the Emperor's army. The only planet that the Imperials didn't have control of is Theoland as King Theo, Bebe and Hammy are protecting it. Most Jedi had been killed but Theo sent a message to Thomas telling him to build and army of jedi to help protect Theoland. Thomas has so far found 4 jedi but one, Master Ivorn, sacrificed himself to save their ally, Richard and R2-D2 from being crushed by the Recyclers at the ground of Cityville.

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