King Square Guy is the current leader of the Square guy empire..

King Square Guy
Square Guy King
Born 2029 ABU
Died n/a
Species Square Guy
Other Info
Occupation King of The Square Guys
HomeWorld Squarium
Family Prince Squarius (Son)

Early LifeEdit

King Square Guy was born in 2029. During 2030 in the great Square Guy War He was kidnapped and taken to lavaland. After a year he broke free and returned to lead the Square Guys to victory. After winning the war he was coronationed and became the king.

Personal LifeEdit

He got married to Queen Square Guy in 2032 and had a son named squarius in 2033. After 2 years the queen got assaninated by a rougue Square Guy.This left him depressed but as a war was about to begin he forgot about it a helped win the war. He currently lives in the capital of Squarium. He currently is in charge of all but 1 island in squarium which is owned by the Devil's Sheep.

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