King Spite Red was a King of The Killer-Crators during the ancient times.

King Spite Red
Born 1,998,999,966 AN
Died 1,999,998,905 AN
Species Killer-Crator
Other Info
Occupation King of The Killer-Crators
HomeWorld LavaLand
Family Fire Red (Son), Sorrax (Grandson), Dark Flame (Nephew), Inferno Red (Father)

Early LifeEdit

Spite Red as the 7th of 12 sons. As custom in Killer-Crator society, Spite and his brothers were forced to fight to the death to determine which was the strongest, and thus their father's heir. Spite won, securing him the title of heir to the throne. Spite's father was the infamous King Inferno Red.

War against the CrabbitesEdit

Spite's father died when he was 20, and Spite was crowned within 2 days. A week after his coronation, King Spite Red declared war on their neighbouring civolization, the Crabbites. The war lasted 25 years. Spite's son, Fire Red , was born during the war, and the violence influenced Fire's future personality, making him a merciless, cold-blooded killer. the war ended with the extinction of the Crabbite Empire.

Personal LifeEdit

Spite had 5 sons. In the fight to the death, his 3rd son, Fire Red emerged victorious. Spite died in 1,999,998,905 AN, at the age of 61, very young for a Killer-Crator, who usually live until they are in their 150s.

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