King Rin of Keldish
Born 2609
Died 2704
Species Kel Dor
Other Info
Occupation King of Keldish
HomeWorld Keldish
Family King Obi II (Father)

Queen Ing (Mother)
Queen Enn (Wife)
13 Children

King Rin of Keldish (November 13th 2609 - June 21st 2704) also known as Rin The Just was the King of Keldish from 2657 until his death 47 years later.

Early Life Edit

Rin was born on the 13th of November 2609 on Keldish. He was the oldest son of King Obi and Queen Ing. He 2 younger siblings born after him. Rin was born in the 4th year of his father's reign - how had succeeded his mother, Queen Iri, in 2605.

Reign and Marriage Edit

Rin's father died on the 21st of September 2657, when Rin was 48. Rin was crowned shortly after. Rin was not yt married, so the next year was spent trying to find him a bride. In 2658, he met Enn Shak, who was the daughter of the star child for the 2580s. They were married on the 1st of July 2660. Between 2665 and 2689, they had 13 children, which produced Rin over 50 grandchildren.

The Fourth Great War Edit

In the 17th year of Rin's reign, The Fourth Great War began. Rin supported the allies, as his brother, Prince Irp, was a General in the Army - having fought in The Battle of Genoisa. Several of Rin's sons fought during the war.

Death Edit

Rin died on the 21st of June 2704 - 10 years before the end of the war. His eldest son was crowned King Obi III. Through Obi, Rin is the grandfather of the current King of Keldish - Vas.

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