King Kong
King Kong
King Kong
Born 156 AN
Died 70 AN
Species Monkey
Other Info
Occupation King
HomeWorld Theoland
Family King Joe (father)

Dave the destroyer (Brother)

Kong was the 5th king of the monkeys.

Early Life Edit

Kong was the second child of King Joe and when his brother was killed Kong became the heir to the throne. He was known throughout Theoland for being 5 metres tall making him the tallest monkey born in Theoland.

Life as King Edit

Kong became king in 124 AN age 32 after his father went mad a died. Kong was known to have started a war with the humans and didn't want to fight elephants even though the Elephants were close allies with the humans and helped fight in the war

War against the Humans Edit

In 60 AN Kong started a war with the Humans by order of Emperor Elephantine. During the war his left eye was shot leaving that eye blind. After the monkeys took over the city of Leafwood Kong went mad with power and began treating his people like slaves. He forced all men to fight and if they didn't they would be killed. Any who questioned his actions were also killed. In 70 AN the war ended but Kong still killed all who disliked him.

Death Edit

Two months after the war ended Kong was killed by a sith because he failed to win the war. His last words were "You what mate"

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