King Kakon XII
Born 2507
Died 2584
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Donmerk
HomeWorld Donmerk
Family King Kakon XI (Father)

Queen Alexandria (Mother)
Queen Melissa (Wife)
5 Children

King Kakon XII of Donmerk (Kakon Frederik Georg Olav; August 3rd 2507 - September 21st 2584) was the King of Donmerk from 2532 until his death. His reign of 52 years was the longest in Donmerk's history, until is was surpassed by his great-great-grandson, King Kakon XIV.

Early Life Edit

Kakon was born on the 3rd of August 2507, the second child and eldest son of Prince Kakon of Donmerk and his wife, Melissa. Kakon was born in the reign of his grandfather, King Kakon X, who died in 2527 at the age of 80, after a 50 year reign. Kakon had 5 younger siblings.

Next-In-Line Edit

Kakon's grandfather died in 2527, after a reign of 50 years, which, at the time, was the longest reign in Donmerk's history. Kakon's father was crowned King Kakon XI, and Kakon became next-in-line to the throne of Donmerk.

Marriage and Children Edit

Kakon married Melissa of Enkland, a daughter of Lord George of Enkland in 2530. Kakon and Melissa had 5 children:

  • Princess Sophia of Donmerk (2534 - 2615)
  • Princess Marie of Donmerk (2536 - 2620)
  • King Olav III of Donmerk (2538 - 2617)
  • Prince Kakon of Donmerk (2540 - 2627)
  • Princess Alexandria (2542 - 2638)

King of Donmerk Edit

Kakon's father didn't accomplish much in his short reign: dying on the 3rd of June 2532 at the age of 51. Kakon was crowned King of Donmerk, and Melissa crowned Queen.

Death Edit

Kakon died shortly after his 77th birthday on the 21st of September 2584. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Olav, who became King Olav III.

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