King James VI of Kahzland
Born 2741
Died n/a
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Kahzland
HomeWorld Kahzland
Family King James V (Father)

Queen Janet (Mother)
Queen Ann (Wife)
Prince James (Son)

King James VI of Kahzland (James Alfred Owen; born January 8th 2741) is the current King of Kahzland, having ruled since 2800.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

James was born on the 8th of January 2741. His father was Prince James, and his mother Janet of Kahzland. He was baptised in April, and named Alfred and Owen after his parent's paternal grandfathers. 2 years later, a brother, Prince Owen, was born. In 2760, his father had an illegitimate son with an unknown woman - William of Kahzland. William was executed by his father after his existance was revealed to the public in 2794. When he was 10, the royal family of Enkland visited. James pulled jokes on the King's grandchildren - particularly Princess Ann, who he tripped up and threw objects at.

Marriage[edit | edit source]

In 2760, James saw Princess Ann again, who he fell in love with. He proposed to her 7 times - she rejected them all. Eventually, he got his father to have a talk with Ann's own father, now King Ewan. When James proposed for the 8th time, Ann finally agreed. They were married on the 1st of January 2768. They had one child - a son called James - in 2770.

Absence[edit | edit source]

James attracted a lot of criticism from Ann's family. He was rude and impolite, but he was mostly critised because of how much time he spent away from Ann. He would often go on long trips for months at a time, leaving Ann to raise their son by herself. This resulted in the young prince having a close bond with Ann, but a distant relationship with his father.

Coronation[edit | edit source]

James' father died on the 17th of December 2800, after 23 year reign. James and Ann were crowned the King and Queen of Kahzland on their 33rd wedding anniversary - January the 1st 2801. James has currently ruled for 15 years, and has 3 grandchildren through his son, Prince James.

Ancestry[edit | edit source]

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