King James IV of Kahzland (born James Richard Henry; November 11th 2690 - February 10th 2777) was the King of Kahzland from his father's death in 2760 until his own 17 years later. He is the grandfather of King James VI, the current King of Kahzland.

King James IV of Kahzland
Born 2690
Died 2777
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Kahzland
HomeWorld Kahzland
Family King Owen II (Father)

King James V (Son)

Early LifeEdit

James was the only child, and heir, of King Owen II and his wife. James was raised by a nanny, and had a strict upbringing. It was rumoured that his father beat him, and this morphed James into the cold, selfish man that he was (as well as giving him a permanant limp.) 


James got married to an unknown woman around 2710, and she produced one son, King James V. James' son was also raised by a nanny, but James did not beat the boy as his father had done. James' grandson, also called James, was born in 2741.

King of KahzlandEdit

James didn't become King until 2760, when he was 70 years old. He was an unpopular King. On James' 80th birthday, his first great-grandson, Prince James, was born. James only met the child once, and made the baby prince cry.


James' body preserved in The Hall of Kings - 2812


James finally died in 2777, at the age of 86, and his body is currently preserved in The Hall of Kings. Kahzland did not mourn for long, as the infamous rule of King James V had begun.

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