King Inferno Red was the 2nd King of The Killer Crators during The Ancient Times.

King Inferno Red
Born 1,999,000,038
Died 1,998,999,946
Species Killer-Crator
Other Info
Occupation King of The Killer-Crators
HomeWorld Lavaland
Family King Spite Red (Son), King Red the Terrible (Father)

Early LifeEdit

Inferno was the youngest of 13 sons. his father was the first ruler of the Killer-Crators, King Red The Terrible. Inferno and his brothers were forced by their father to fight to the death to see which one was worthy of becoming King one day. Inferno won, killing all 12 of his brothers. This custom was later adopted by all Killer-Crators as a way to find their heir.


When Inferno was just 16, his father died suddenly. it is widely believed that Inferno murdered The King, but it was never proved, and the body was never found. Inferno was the first Killer Crator to attempt an invasion on Ollieland, which was unsucsesful. He told his son to make sure that the killer-crators ruled Ollieland one day. Years later, Inferno's grandson would launch another invasion on ollieland, and fullfill Inferno's wish.

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