King Gilbert IV (Gilbert John Arthur; born 20th of October 1710) was the King of Enkland for 4 years during the 18th Century.

King Gilbert IX
Born 1710
Died 1770
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King Gilbert VIII (Father), Queen Hilda (Mother), King Richard IV (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Gilbert was the only son of King Gilbert VIII and Queen Hilda. He had a secluded childhood, and rarely saw his parents as he was raised and cared for by maids and servants. Gilbert was the last monarch of The Gilbertian Dynasty , as when he grew up, he named his son Richard .

The Gilbertian DynastyEdit

In 1620, Gilbert's great-great-grandfather, King Gilbert V , created a law that all heirs to the throne must be named Gilbert. This lasted 5 generations, but when Richard was born, Gilbert decided to abolish the law, thus ending the Gilbertian Dynasty.


Gilbert became King in 1766, aged 56. He ruled for 4 years, but was assassinated by an unknown assassin. He was a much loved King, and was deeply mourned by the people of Enkland. 

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