King George I of Enkland (George William James; June 11th 2553 - December 4th 2639) was the King of Enkland and it's Empire from 16th April 2573 until his death in December 2639, as well as the first of the Georgian Dynasty.

King George I
Born 2553 ABU
Died 2639 ABU
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Enkland
HomeWorld Xnob
Family Phillip of Xnob (Father), Ann of Xnob (Mother), King George II (Son)

Early LifeEdit

George was the first son of Duke Phillip of Xnob and Ann of Xnob. George was born "George of Xnob" and was expected to become the Duke of Xnob upon his father's death. George's grandparents on his mother's side were the king and queen of Kahzland, and George's great-grandparents on his father's mother's side were King William V of Enkland and Queen Matilda. George was the eldest of 4 brothers and a sister. His brothers were Marcus, Hans and Cesare, and his sister was Lucrecia.

The KingEdit

When George was an adult, his first cousin once removed (his father's cousin) died. George's first cousin once removed was Queen Anne of Enkland, and she died without an heir. The next-in-line to the throne of Enkland was George's father, Phillip. However, Phillip was the Prime Minister of the senate, and couldn't be king. Therefore, the title of King of Enkland was passed onto Phillip's oldest son. George.

Life as a KingEdit

As a King he had complete power of the planet of Enkland and it's Empire. His siblings constantly tried to get him to pay off their debts and help them fund crimes, but he refused. When 3 of his siblings were executed for their crimes in 2600, he refused bail them out. After his siblings' tragic execution, George decided to become closer with his remaining brother, and appointed him as George's personal advisor. However, his brother only agreed so he could usurp the throne after George died (which failed.)

Personal LifeEdit

George got married in 2580, and had his only son, King George II 3 years later. George died on the 4th of December 2639 at the age of 86. His son George became the new King.

Ancestry Edit

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