King George II
Born 2583
Died 2648
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King George I (Father), Queen Marie (Mother), Queen Matilda (Wife), King George III (Son)
King George II (George John James; February 30th 2583 - c. October 12th 2648) was the king of Enkland from December 4th 2639 until his tragic death in October 2648. 

Early LifeEdit

George was born in 2583, the only son and heir of King George I and Queen Marie. George showed his intellect from an early age. George loved sailing and the sea. He first boat trip was when he was 10 months old. He often sailed in throught his teenage years, and was a master of the geography of Enkland, able to successfully sail around the world without a map or compass. George was quiet and preferred to not be around large crowds of people.


George got married to Matilda Gurdle in 2609, and had their only son, King George III, 4 years later. George's wife died of a stroke in 2640, at the age of 60.


In 2648, whilst sailing, he was hit by an almighty storm. George battled hard to keep his ship afloat, but to no use. A gargantuan tidal wave engulfed his entire boat, and came crashing down onto the rocks below, obliterating the vessel. He was never seen again. His son was crowned king after George was announced dead, after 2 weeks of looking. George's body was never found, making him the only Enklish king to not have been buried in the tomb of kings. The Royal Crown, which had been worn by every monarch of Enkland for 1000 years, was lost and they had to create a new crown for George III.


In 2791, a group of divers spotted something in the shadowy depths of the sea. They came back 2 weeks later with a submarine and better equipment, and found out that the thing they saw was the wreck of George's ship, preserved by the algae that coated it. George's body wasn't found, but they did find the original royal crown. King Ewan of Enkland decided to melt down both his crown and the old crown to form one crown , uniting the modern kings with their ancestors once more.

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