Fire Red was the King of Lavaland and of his species, The Killer-Crators, until his death at the hands of The Jedi.

Fire Red
Born 1,998,999,929 AN
Died 1,998,999,822 AN
Species Killer-Crator
Other Info
Occupation King of The Killer-Crators
HomeWorld LavaLand
Family Sorrax (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Fire Red was 3rd of the 5 sons of King Spite Red. As custom in Killer-Crator society, Fire Red and his brothers were forced to fight to the death to see which was the strongest, and thus his father's heir. Fire Red famously murdered all his brothers within 32.3 seconds. When Fire Red was 16, his cousin, Dark Flame attempted to murder Fire Red and his father to seize the crown. Fire Red caught Dark Falme, and ripped him to shreds, throwing the remains onto a fire.


In 1,999,998,905 AN, when Fire Red was 24, his father died. Fire Red was crowned 1 week later.

An ancient Sketch of Fire Red

An ancient sketch of fire red

The Great Killer-Crator WarEdit

Fire Red had his eye on the planet Ollieland. It was the biggest planet in the ollieland galaxy , and he wanted it in his kingdom. He invaded the planet in 1,998,999,825 AN Fire Red invaded Ollieland, resulting in a war that would last 3 years. In the final battle of the war, Fire Red was killed, and the Killer-Crator species were wiped out: Extinct.....Or so the jedi thought...

Personal LifeEdit

Fire Red had a son. Sorrax . Sorrax was the last of the Killer-Crators, and vowed to bring back his people some day. He went into hibernation for millions of years after tthe war ended.

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