King Ewan of Enkland
Born 2699
Died 2792
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation King of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family King Christopher (Father)

Queen Ann (Mother)
Queen Lily (Wife)
King Charles (Son)
Prince Edward (Son)
Queen Ann (Daughter)
Princess Catherine (Daughter)

King Ewan Of Enkland (Ewan Daniel Christopher; March 7th 2699 - August 8th 2792) was The King of Enkland from his father's death in 2755 until his own death 37 years later.

Early LifeEdit

King Ewan was the oldest child of King Christopher of Enkland , and his wife, Queen Ann. Ewan was born at the end of the reign of his great-grandfather, King George III on March 7th 2699 in The Great Palace at roughly 1 PM. He was baptised on July 1st 2699 and named Daniel after his uncle, and Christoper after his father. After the death of his great grandfather, Ewan's great-Uncle, King George IV became the king for only a year. After George IV's death Ewan's grandfather, King Geoffrey, was crowned (on Ewan's 20th birthday.) Ewan's father, King Christopher, was crowned in 2737.


In 2720, he met Lilly Bogen-Löwe. She was the 3rd child of Sir Claude Bogen-Löwe, who was a friend of Ewan's father. One of Lilly's great-grandmothers, Anna Nickben, was a first cousin of Ewan's great-grandfather, King George III. This made Ewan and Lilly 4th-cousins. Ewan instantly fell in love with her. He spent several years courting her, and asked her father for permission to marry her in 2726. They got married the next year, in Capton, Enkland. They had 4 children together: 2 boys and 2 girls. His youngest daughter married the King of Kazhland, and his eldest son is the current King - Charles


Ewan in his younger days - abt. 2718


Ewan's father, King Christopher, died in 2755 after 2 years of being paralysed. Ewan was crowned 1 week later on the 20th of December 2755.  It famously snowed during Ewan's coronation and there were celebrations all over the planet for 24 hours.


Ewan reigned for 37 years, during which he was nearly assassinated twice.

Final YearsEdit

Ewan began losing the ability to walk in 2790, at the age of 91. He used a walking stick for the rest of the year, but was soon forced to use a wheelchair, which he did use until his death on 8th of August 2792.


Name Birth Death Marriage

Date | Spouse

King Charles I 30 November 2732 20 June 2757 Queen Madeline
Prince Edward 19 June 2733 2 April 2763 Lady Maria
Princess Catherine 19 February 2734 12 January 2756 1 March 2754 Sir Alan Canonshire
Queen Ann of Kahzland 4 December 2739 23 July 2765 King James VI

Ancestry Edit

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