King Ceasar was the first king of the monkeys in the Theoland Galaxy .

King Ceasar
King Ceasar
Last portrait of Ceasar
Born 572 AN
Died 470 AN
Species Monkey
Other Info
Occupation King
HomeWorld Theoland
Family King Louie (Son)

Queen August (Wife)


Ceasar grew up on the coast of bannanto with his mother. He dreamed that he would make the monkeys a peace loving race which he did grow up to do. When he was little he worked as a builder and later became assisant to the mayor of his town. When he was 20 he became the king.


He died at the age of 102 leaving his only son Louie as the king. People don't know how he died but many think he was assaninated by one of Emperor Elephantine 's bounty hunters so that their plan would eventually work.  Many people said they heard his last words which they all say were, "You will never get away with this" which makes more people believe it to be a murder.


He made the monkeys a peace loving race and hoped it would stay one forever but little did he know hundreds of years later his kind would become one of the most infamous and hated throughout the Master Universe. He helped make trade roots to The Great Capital and beacame close friends with many humans who he let stay in Bannanto.


  • Ceasar was the first monkey to speak english in the Master Universe.
  • He is said to be the 2nd most wisest person in the Theoland Galaxy.
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