King Arthur is regarded as the first King of Enkland.

King Arthur
Born 1165 ABU
Died 1231 ABU
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation First King of Enkland
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Egbert æglund (Father), King Ethelred I (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Arthur was born Arthur æglund, the 3rd son of Egbert æglund and his wife. Arthur's brothers were killed in a battle against a neighbouring tribe known as The Motte Tribe, leaving Arthur as Egbert's only living child. According to legend, as a teenager, Arthur managed to overpower a pack of Wolves that attacked him.

Uniting The TribesEdit

After his father died, Arthur became the chief of his tribe. He decided that it was time the tribes stopped battling eachother, and managed to unite them as one kingdom. Arthur was soon pronounced the king of the land, and named it æglund, which evolved in Enkland. 

War against The MottesEdit

The Mottes tribe were one of the only tribes that didn't agree to the union of the tribes. They rebelled and tried to seize power for themselves. After a grueling 2 month battle, The Mottes were defeated, and their leader, Edgar Ironside , was beheaded.


Arthur was married twice and had a total of 7 children:

With Judith:Edit

  • King Arthur II
  • King Gilbert I
  • Ethelred æglund
  • Mary æglund

With Ermentrude:Edit

  • Egbert æglund
  • Susan æglund
  • Harald æglund
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