King Ag I "The Restless" of Cavietopia was the King of Cavietopia from 1989 until his death a year later.


Early Life Edit

Ag was the eldest son of 3 boys. His father was King Squidge VIII and his mother was Queen Bean.

Coronation Edit

Ag's father died in 1989, and Ag was crowned King of all Cavietopia. He married Queen Parthenope, and had 6 children - King Charles, Queen Bellubulub, Princess Bean, Princess Glad, Princess Sad and Princess May.

Death Edit

Ag died in 1990, at the age of 2. He was succeeded by his son, Charles, who is remembered as the most hated and corrupt ruler of cavietopia. Through his daughters Bellubulub, Glad and May, he is an ancestor of 74% of all guinea pigs alive today.

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