Keris Vengason was the Aunt of Emperor Salazar Sidious

Keris Vengason
Keris Sidious
Born 2545 ABU
Died 2633
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Housewife
HomeWorld Enkland
Family Olveron Sidious (Father), Yuma Sidious (Mother), Severus Sidious (Brother), John Vengason (Husband), John Vengason (Son), Lumicus Vengason (Son), Marie Vengason (Daughter)


Keris was born in 2545 ABU, the older sister of Severus Sidious. Her father was Olveron Sidious and her mother was Yuma Sidious. When she was 19, she married John Vengason. She had a son, John Vengason II in 2565, another son called Lumicus Vengason in 2567 and a daughter named Marie Vengason in 2570. Keris died at the age of 88 in 2633 ABU. Keris is also the great-grandmother of Marcus Vengason, a famous magician during the late 27th century.

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